Essay Writing Companies Are So Trustworthy: What Are the Reasons for It?

Essay writing as an occupation has become extremely popular in the last couple of years, especially amongst the student communities. They need them because educational institutions request these texts due to many different reasons. Students usually need essays so they can apply to participate in an exam. But that is not the only purpose of essays’ use in high schools and colleges, of course. Besides, essay writing is now something that authors can do for a living too. People started to be more attracted to the writing of all kinds and that’s why essay writing companies exist. With a stable and good Internet connection, you can hire professional writers to write essays of the highest quality for you. But one problem that often occurs is related to the trustworthiness of such companies. Commonly, they are legitimate and customers do believe them. So, let’s see what are the reasons for such immense trust.

24/7 Customer Support Available

The truth is that not all essay writing companies are reliable. And that’s when a question like “Is 99papers trustworthy” comes to students’ minds. It is one of the most popular essay writing companies at the moment and also the one that has gained peoples’ trust over the years. But in a world where almost everything can be hacked easily, especially through the Internet, people are often concerned about their privacy details while purchasing something online. Naturally, buying essays is not an exception. We need to have in mind that the majority of the buyers of such products are students as they feel the strongest need of possessing them. And we all know how they can be worried about their data. Perhaps this area represents one of the most vulnerable and susceptible niches for making scams. Just because its main population is composed of young individuals who are easier to deceive. Consequently, it shouldn’t be surprising why students are so cautious with the buying process of essay writing services. One indicator that can convince you that these companies possess enough reliability is the availability of their customer support. This is something that many students neglect too often and don’t pay attention to. And that’s where their biggest mistake is. It is an act that allows others to scam you without you noticing it. That’s why you must make sure that an essay writing company has 24/7 customer support at your disposal. The customers need to ask anything they are worried about at any time they like. So, check this information before you decide to take action.

Companies Offer Non-Plagiarized Texts

Another good indicator of reliable essay writing services can be visible through the offering of non-plagiarized texts. What does it mean? Unfortunately, many skillful scammers can possibly have developed writing skills. They can use it to persuade you to believe in their trustworthiness and will often act professionally which makes them immune to detection. Although non-legitimate companies can have members with good writing qualities, they will never try to write an essay for you. Instead, they will simply use plagiarized pieces of essays. A simple copy/paste option gives them free access to any published text online. To prevent being easily frauded, you can use helping tools like Copyscapewhich represents one of the strongest programs for this use. It will immediately let you know if the text you are about to buy has been already published on some website online. So, don’t go straight forward and blindly. It is better to check if a company offers true writing experts who will deliver 100% original content.

Possibility Of Creating a Deal with The Customers About How Their Order Can Be Used

It is fair to say that students don’t frequently pay attention to the details. Unfortunately for them, the smallest ones can have the biggest impact in the writing world. You have probably heard of a proverb that says: “The strongest venom is often kept in the smallest bottles”. This little enigmatic sentence has a strong message to be learned. It teaches us that no matter how small something can be in size, it can hide an immense power inside of it. And this can be implied into details that seem insignificant in the first place. Trustworthy essay writing companies will always be willing to create a deal with their customers related to how their essays can be used. This can represent a crucial part of your checking. The most typical outcome of such agreements is that essays can be used as writing guides. The purpose of purchasing an essay is equally important as selling one. Do your best to remember it.


The last, but no less significant reason why essay writing services have students’ support is that they offer proofreading options. Essay writing is connected with proofreading like a finger and a nail. Although almost any type of writing requires some sort of it, it is specifically important for essays. If a company offers you an option of editing and proofreading the text, it is a high probability that they deserve your acknowledgment. The opportunity to edit essays and correct possible mistakes gives a sense of confidence to the customers. That’s why you should be thinking about it before making your order.


Having faith and trust in something you don’t know much about is quite hard for every person on the planet. We, as a species, have that implanted fear of the unknown. That’s why many of you may be scared to buy products of any kind with the help of the Internet. On the other hand, if a company that offers essay writing services possesses the criteria that we have mentioned, your worries can go away. You can be assured that, in that case, you will not get scammed.

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