Is Online Education As Effective As Traditional On-Campus Schooling?

Confining home for the past seventeen months has redefined how one needs to perceive things that were part of our daily life but now changed. Going to on-campus schools was one of them. It changed to being confined to study tables. Now attending classes is online from home. Until life in the Covid era seeks normalcy, there have to be alternatives to work and study. Whether online education has the same efficacy as traditional learning is one of the topics, among the several, that has pros and cons to look into. Food, health and education are primary elements for leading a good life. And life has to be sustained in the Covid era till vaccines have reached the last man to remain safe as well as healthy.

Online education became a healthy alternative in several countries when the pandemic lockdown pushed scholars to remain at home with institutions closed down. Online education allowed academic continuity. Several well-established institutions, globally, resorted to online studies using the Zoom, Google classrooms, and Microsoft team technology to continue classes.

Online Studies Remain All-Inclusive

The moot point to be noted here is, the education forum worldwide has been contemplating adopting the online technique for education. However, that could not come around. Several countries, primarily the third world, were bereft of quality academic studies. They lacked sufficient infrastructure used for online education. The pandemic came as a boon to all those scholars that had missed out on quality studies, as studies post-pandemic became all-inclusive.

What the governments had been trying to achieve since 2011 came around in one stroke for ‘safety concerns’ worldwide. It now included even the developed nations in its purview. Those that lacked online infrastructure had their government come forward to fund them, as they had no other better alternative. India is one among them to come forward by introducing online education in each institution at all levels.

Followed by India were other nations like the US, UK, China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, and countries beyond. With its varied outback landscape, Australians remain way ahead in providing online academic writing help. The Aussies have been encouraging online studies for a long time now.

Australian academics often need support. Scholars are fending economically for themselves alongside studies. Pursuing several other activities for financial support, academically, they looked for better help, which made them depend quite wholly on education online. It provided that exceptional leverage for other things that they could do along with pursuing academics.

Online Education Has Defied Standard Norms

Other than the all-inclusive nature of online studies, the method of analysis breaks all norms of confinement to classrooms or old school learning; one subject, one teacher. The online vista opens the door to several better professional teachers available globally for access to scholars. They can now study on a one-on-one basis with the best home tuition tutors available online on unlimited topics that were earlier confined to books only, as in on-campus schooling. that would include changes only in the next edition. With Online lessons, scholars are updated with each day’s development in those forever evolving courses; science and mathematics are one of them.

The scholars had always contemplated completing other skilled courses. But scarcity of time and money had them excluded. They now feel included in this method of education. Scholars from all classes and ages now have the time, money, and the inhibition to include themselves in the online program to complete courses that they so desire. They are not only timely accomplished but also economically priced.

Online option is more flexible

Online education remains more flexible. To several, education has reached them without the scholars moving out for it. The most benefit in this category are the physically challenged. Online education brought them closer to a window of new learning and better opportunities. It brought education to them without moving out. It has also provided an opportunity to several students who dislike being too interactive in classroom interactions and find learning more accessible and comfortable in the confines of their home. Several scholars fit in this category. They dislike attending schools in person and find interaction intimidating. For those scholars, the system provided a welcome change. Online education saved several hours of commuting for these scholars who had schools located miles away from their homes.

Online professionals are the best to gain. The online maths tutor has made the best out of the situation and adapted themselves to the changing scenario of teaching and finding new ways for completing assignments and assessments. Online education is also one option for studies. However, it cannot remain the only form for education as education entails more than just rote learning.

Looking At The Downside of Online Studies

Online Studies Often Procrastinate

Using the internet of things (IoT) remains alright for entertainment. Internet use with online studies often leads to an overlap. It creates a problem in completing assignments, thereby proving a significant challenge to service providers providing online education. There remains no measure to check the burgeoning problem as both overlaps causing procrastination in the delivery of assignments.

Not All Online Service Providers Are Digital

For educators teaching online, holding the span of the pupils’ attention is a huge challenge. Also, not all teachers are acquainted with digital teaching. This needs regular training besides having the knowledge to deliver assignments to scholars online. A sudden upgrade for traditional school teaching is a tall order to fathom so soon.

Online Classes Lack Interactive Learning

Interactive sessions are a way forward for the overall development of persona; online classes have deprived scholars of this essential trait that traditional schools impart, eye contact and the ability for an extempore presentation, so indispensable in the long run. Continued feedback from scholars only motivates a teacher to deliver better. Online classes deprive such abilities, reducing the efficacy of what the scholars have to comprehend.


However, several first-time users of online education are jubilant about this opportunity. Online education has provided them with the vista to newer areas of learning, not always taught in schools or colleges but comes from researching online. A traditional on-campus school would have found this difficult. However, the gap between online and traditional classrooms is too thin. It keeps merging to re-emerge if reasonable efforts are not made to make online education more and more utilitarian. But what do we have to say to the moolah lost with online studies that have received so much impetus these last few months? Both governments, national and international, have lost so much revenue generated with on-campus teaching, the benefits of being there in person for academic learning aside.

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