Lessons For Parents Who Have Tech-Savvy Kids

Having a tech-savvy kid can be a boon for parents in the pandemic era because your child will be less dependent on you for online studies. Moreover, you will have less trouble keeping them engaged indoors as they spend time playing games and surfing the net. But the downside is that online behavior and cybersecurity is a concern you have to deal with as a parent. The threat is real, and you cannot brush it under the carpet. You can be a little conscious and take the role of a responsible parent to ensure safety for your tech-savvy kid. Here are some parenting lessons that can help.

Your kid is probably much smarter than you think

If you think that you can control your child’s use of technology, there are good chances you will fail. Kids are far smarter than you think, and it is unrealistic to expect that you can outsmart them. The best approach would be to focus on communication rather than control. Set limits that work for both of you. Talk to the child about your concerns and be open to listening to their take on things.

Minimize distractions on the device

Online classes can be challenging for kids as they can struggle to focus on their studies when it is easy to access their favorite games on the same device. Your best bet is to minimize distractions on the device. Setting up a separate user account for school is a good idea. You can equip it with the tools they need and clear away games from the device. Consider using parental control to limit access to the fun account during school time.

Invest in basic device-specific security

Thankfully, there are some basic device-specific solutions you can rely on for making it secure. You can click here to read about Mac webcam protectors that will keep your child safe from privacy intrusion. Investing in this physical barrier to cover your webcam makes sense these days because it only costs a bit, but goes a long way to safeguard the device webcam from being accessed remotely.

Know your kids’ friends

As a parent, you should know everyone your child hangs out is. But it can get a tad challenging to know and follow hundreds of people they befriend on social media. Keep an eye on the social interactions of your kids. It can help you save them from abuse and bullying and falling in the wrong company. You can try using an app to monitor their online interactions.

Level up your tech

Keeping pace with your child’s tech skills may take a lot of effort, but it is worthwhile. You will end up getting better with your WFH skills, in addition to doing your bit to keep track of online security for your kids. Assess the child’s hardware needs and ensure that their current device matches up because you will not want them to miss out on classes just because you know little about the latest tech.

Parenting a tech-savvy child is a learning experience, but you must avoid being intrusive. Even as you go the extra mile to ensure online security for the kid, give them as much freedom as they deserve.

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