Why You Should Choose an Off-Campus Student Accommodation NearMonash University

Australia has become the leading education destination, with about 172,800 international students seeking higher education.  Monash University is among the leading universities in the country, and Monash University student accommodation is always high in demand.

There are on-campus and off-campus options, so you are not stuck with only one. While most students prefer staying on-campus for economic reasons, some prefer staying off-campus and do not mind commuting.

Here’s why you should pick off-campus accommodation near Monash University:


This is the top reason why students prefer off-campus accommodation. When you rent a room outside the University premises, you have the freedom and space to do as you please. There are no curfews to limit your movements and no one to tell you what you can and cannot do.

Every university student has an expectation of freedom during that part of life. When living on-campus, students must follow their dorm rules, which may restrict their freedom. Further, since students share rooms with other students, there is very little room for privacy.

Larger Spaces

When living on-campus, you will most likely be sharing a room with one or two other students. However, when it comes to off-campus accommodation, you can pay extra to get an entire room to yourself. This way, you have the entire space to yourself and can comfortably keep valuables in your room, knowing they’ll be safe there.

A Lot of Amenities

The off-campus market is highly competitive, with property managers including many amenities to attract more students. Such accommodations include amenities like swimming pools, game rooms, cafés, gyms, free Wi-Fi, study nooks, laundry facilities, parking areas, and so much more.

These facilities are designed with the student’s comfort in mind. Some accommodations provide all of the above as part of your rental plan, while others let you decide which ones you want to pay for. Some even have excellent, healthy breakfast options, so you don’t miss out on the most significant meal of the day.

Highly Secure

The biggest concern for any parent is their child’s safety. Off-campus accommodations boast rigid security protocols, such as 24×7 security staff, electronic surveillance, electronic access to rooms and apartments, and online support.

These features give your parents peace of mind as they know their child will be safe in another country. No parent will mind paying more for such facilities.

Close To Campus

Off-campus accommodation does not necessarily mean a long commute. Many student accommodation services are available close to campus. Some may be within walking distance, while others are close to public transport so that your commute time is limited.

University is about many experiences, and you should not restrict them by living on-campus. There are plenty of excellent Monash University student accommodation options that will provide you with the security, privacy, comfort and convenience you need to make your university experience as stress-free as possible.

Why settle for less when you can get so much more out of university life? Visit an off-campus student accommodation today to know what you are missing.

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