Tips to a Safe Barbecue After Lockdown

Whether you work on the frontlines or not, you have probably been affected by the pandemic.  Thankfully, quarantines are beginning to lift, and people are ready to see their loved ones once more.


But before you decide to host a barbecue in celebration of your new found freedom, consider a few safety tips from


Tip #1: Confirm the number of allowable guests

Although lockdowns are lifting, the government is doing what it can to ensure there isn’t another round of infections.  So confirm the number of allowable guests before your small party grows into something bigger, drawing the ire of authorities.


Remember, even if you know the health conditions of your guests, it’s better to be a good example to your neighbors than to face penalties just because you missed someone.  If need be, hold a second barbecue at another time for your other loved ones.


Tip #2: Minimize the number of cooks

In a regular barbecue, though there may be someone in charge of the whole thing, helping out was not an issue.  But in the new “normal,” it’s better to limit the number of cooks to minimize infection.

Although it’s true that the high temperatures will kill the Covid19 virus on the meats, the same may not be true for the other food served (salad, dessert), so just one person or one family should prepare.  The same should be true when serving the food. It’ll be safer that way.


Tip #3: Ask your guests to bring their own things

It may be a shocker to some guests, but it might be safer to ask them to bring their own utensils, cups, plates, and sanitizing equipment.  Again, this is to minimize the transfer of the virus. But as the host, you still need to provide such in case a guest forgets.


Tip #4: Wipe everything down afterward

Even if none of your guests show any signs of infection, make sure you wipe everything down with soap and water afterward. Experts say that soap removes the protective covering of the virus, causing it to die.  But you can still use alcohol or another disinfectant after soaping things down for further peace of mind.


Many virus carriers are asymptomatic, meaning they have the virus but don’t seem sick at all.  So even if you know and trust your guests, it is still better to be safe than sorry.


Tip #5: Ensure your guests have transportation

Since there may still be a virus threat in your area, it would be best if your guests can safely arrive and return home without having to interact with others. If they don’t have transportation, offer to pick them up, if possible.


Although you may be itching to see your loved ones, make sure your loving attempt to bring everyone together does not put anyone in harm’s way.  If bringing them over will be a problem, schedule another barbecue at a much safer time.



The easing up of quarantine protocols is a good thing.  Life is returning to normal.  But if you plan on celebrating soon, do consider these extra precautions for everyone’s sake.

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