Tips to Improve Recruitment Process Efficiency

Without a functional recruiting management system, it could take up to one month or longer to fill a vacant position. Time isn’t the only loss, as some reports stating it costs north of $4,000 to hire one mid-level candidate.

So many businesses are cutting down costs for a lot of obvious economic reasons. No one wants to spend that much money and time searching for one employee. Businesses keen on avoiding loss need the right talent crop without losing much in investments.

The best way to assure an efficient recruitment process is through leveraging proven methods. Anything else may not produce results your organization needs.

Tips to Improve Recruitment Process Efficiency

1.    Include minimum requirements alone in job descriptions

People are less likely to apply for a position when they don’t meet most requirements in the job description.

It is important to cut out preferred requirements if it becomes evident candidates fail to meet them. Removing preferred requirements if necessary makes hiring a diverse team more likely.

HR teams that refuse to relax requirements end up with a prolonged search for applicants. Also, more time and resources could go down the drain based on lengthy, unproductive searches.

Loosening requirements for your available position helps increase number of applications received. Your team may have some sifting to do, but getting applications will no longer be problematic.

2.    Search within first

Is any member of your team fit for an open position? Is the vacancy a demotion or promotion to such an employee?

Most employees are less enthusiastic about taking a demotion, particularly when there is no downturn in company fortunes.

Promoting employees to such positions could pass off better. It is also easier to recruit someone from your team to fill a higher position as lesser processes are required.

After filling the open position, it becomes easier to recruit candidates to occupy lower vacancies in your organization.

3.    Maximize employee-centricrecruiting

Using employee data across several communication channels could provide the perfect recruitment template. Several social media platforms provide extensive searches needed to boost your hires.

Besides using advanced searches to locate likely applicants, other sites like LinkedIn provide improved employer-candidate contact.

4.    Host industry events, attend any you can

It also reaps great rewards to take your talent search to several industry events. Hosting regular events with candidates in mind could be a great connecting platform with top applicants.

Networking with other like-minded organizations you don’t compete with is also easier through such events. Candidates have to meet your HR representatives in person sooner than later, and hosted events are perfect meeting spots.

If you’re not the one hosting an industry event, no problem! Have your HR team head to such events with networking as the sole aim.

5.    Contact candidates across channels

The advent of tech makes contacting suitable applicants for open positions more comfortable. It is now easier for recruiters to communicate with prospects on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Also, linking your social media pages to your career pages and back is another smart way to get more applicants.

6.    Build a candidate talent pool

If you’ve held interviews in the past and discarded information on qualified candidates, what a waste!

Having a candidate talent pool comes in handy for fast recruitment, especially when you have to fill similar positions.

Maintain a record of individuals that qualify to fill such positions. Also, contact qualified candidates you feel may fit in other positions for a follow-up interview.

7.    Improve recruitment marketing

Increased recruitment marketing is essential to attract more candidates to your organization. Recruitment marketing seeks to improve your brand’s reputation while making positions more attractive to candidates.

With the right steps taken during recruitment marketing, your brand reputation gets a significant boost.

8.    Use applicant tracking systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) adds efficiency to any recruitment process. With an ATS, recruiters can track applicants from end to end (application receipt to onboarding). ATS also helps improve communication automations for improved access to top talent.

ATS also allows HR get insights about where candidates are coming from, making sorting less challenging. Qualified candidates will also be easier to spot.

Successful and less profitable recruitment avenues are also in full glare thanks to ATS.

Bottom Line

Above all, it is important to maintain a strong brand reputation before attempting massive recruitment. The reason is many candidates may fancy working for more popular brands, sometimes even if your offer is better.

Consider employee-focused recruitment funnels first, as people currently under your employ could be great ambassadors.

Note that it is not impossible to improve efficiency of your recruitment process. Maximizing resources at your disposal makes hiring staff less tricky.

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