8 Business & Job Trends To Pay Attention To Before The Year Ends

The year 2021 is about to end and everyone has seen what a big difference it has made in the corporate world. Companies have switched from permanent and in-house employees to freelancers and a work-from-home workforce. The entire setup has switched from one side of the spectrum to the other. But this seems to be working for a lot of enterprises. The ones that haven’t yet embraced these changes are struggling still to make ends meet. By the start of 2022, these trends will have taken over and will change the landscape of the business world in its entirety. Let’s have a look at what these trends are and how they are going to impact your profession and career:

  1. Rise Of E-Commerce And M-Commerce

Because there is still a high degree of hesitation and lack of surety among people, they still prefer to use e-commerce and m-commerce channels for their daily needs. E-commerce in particular has been a lifesaver for several businesses and customers alike.

Mobile commerce also saw significant growth in the previous year which resulted in about 54% more subscriptions on mobile apps spanning various industries. Mobile payment options and similar solutions have also grown higher in demand. Enterprises from across industries are catching on to this trend as is evident from several websites and mobile applications being launched practically every day.

  1. Widespread Automation

It is not about eliminating the human factor but rectifying the areas where it falls short. Automation is giving businesses a new edge altogether. The pioneers and leaders of various industries have already invested millions of dollars in automation processes. Even industries such as medicine and law have caught up with this trend and have started automating their various processes.

This is going to enable enterprises to reach their customers more frequently and easily. The need for automation is quite pressing at the moment considering the social distancing norms and various other safety protocols in place. Automated processes have made it easier for businesses to remain functional in the absence of in-house employees and on-premise workers.

  1. My Home My Office

After the pandemic, many companies discovered that several of their employees find it easier to work from their homes. This was a big revelation for a lot of enterprises. Having a remote workforce has become a practical alternative to saving energy, fuel, time, efforts, money, and resources. Less money goes into maintaining and updating equipment and all the hardware and software resources of the company. It is easier for your employees to work from the comfort of their homes and this has become the new norm that every business seems to be embracing.

  1. Freelance Work Grows

Sprouting from the same premise, it is very easy to notice how freelance work has grown tremendously in the past year or so. Many individuals have already started their new businesses right from the comfort of their homes and have enrolled several freelancers to carry out various functions of their enterprise. Several companies don’t feel the need to hire in-house or permanent staff members because freelancers have taken over the market.

They have the necessary skills and experience. Find trade service jobs as a freelancer and see where they take you. Look for a remote developer job if you want to. The choices are spread across industries and this works for everyone.

  1. Faster Networks

The world is about to welcome 5G technology pretty soon. According to experts, by the end of 2023, almost every country in the world will have a robust 5G network enabling faster data speeds and tremendous scope for technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, high-speed data transfers, 3D printing and manufacturing, virtual simulations, architectural walkthrough on a larger scale, and a lot more. Businesses are going to leverage this high-speed data to develop better and faster networks that will enable seamless communication and instant interactions.

  1. Welcome Brand Ambassadors

Numerous enterprises have already welcomed many brand ambassadors into their marketing teams. It is all about marketing at the end of the day and if you as an entrepreneur are able to rope in an influential personality, nothing can beat that in the market. Along with engaging content and celebrity value, the thing that you are going to need is conviction from your brand ambassador. This is going to turn their followers into your followers. This is going to drive you to the top and on the good list of your customers.

  1. Quick And Contactless Payments

The trend of quick and contactless payments is nothing new but it seems to be getting in a gear higher than it was last year. Contactless payment options have increased by more than 40% over the past year. Customers are becoming more aware of their hygiene and safety. They have also become more aware of the latest technologies and how their life can get even more convenient if they choose to embrace them. This is the most practical way to give your consumers a satisfactory experience and continue to remain popular among them for the longest time.

  1. Employee Monitoring Technology

Employee monitoring technology has become more mainstream and sophisticated. With your workforce shifting from your office to their homes, there are brand new requirements and regulations in place. There are new standards and compliance that need to be adhered to.

This has necessitated investing in a robust employee monitoring system that has become a priority for several enterprises across industries already. This technology enables enterprises to track and monitor the progress and operations of their employees without interfering in their work. Now remote workers will be as efficient or even more so than the ones that are working on the actual premises.


Businesses are going to grow and thrive regardless of the situation. They have learned how to cope with even the most difficult of events. Technology has played an important part in it and they understand it quite well. Enterprises that are not able to embrace technology and move with the moving times, falter and fall. The ones that rise up to the occasion and take the risk, fly and flourish.

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