let’s talk about CSR corporate social responsibility what exactly Does it mean?

This is a global ruling Dominion Natural Resources, the extinction of various animal and, plant species global population increase and migration amongst others, these are some of the real environmental and social issues we face today

How can we address these issues whilst ensuring?


food education and health for all how can we ensure the economic development and technical logical progress benefit this is one of the big question.

The greatest number of people faced with these challenges are a more sustainable developmental approach becomes necessary?

This requires the commitment of all international organizations governments associations companies citizens everyone is concerned and in practice what can a company do.

The overall goal is to combine economic progress social justice and environmental preservation based on its corporate social responsibility a company can ensure that its economic growth is beneficial to everyone it’s suppliers employees customers the local population in short.

All its stakeholders whilst minimizing its impacts on the planet depending on the sector of activity the specific issues and challenges differ from company to company let’s take a pharmaceutical company it can act responsibly in many ways for example

  1. Offered to as many people as possible
  2. Safe and quality medicines take into
  3. Account the needs of patients by supporting them throughout their health care and for all companies being.
  4. Responsible also means taking care of Its employees and ensuring their safety at work it also means being compliant with the application of the various laws and regulations as well as defining ethical business practices.


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It also means reducing the environment or impacts of its production sites and choosing less polluting modes of transport thus the ambition for a responsible company is to contribute to an economically efficient socially equitable and environmentally sustainable development whilst ensuring its profitability and economic growth as such corporate social responsibility

In the ISO 26,000 leadership which addresses the systemic and strategic dimension of responsibility in the organization fourth the concrete implementation of corporate social responsibility then relates to all relevant areas of activity and all departments of a company procurement production research and development of human resources.

Marketing Sales and distribution advertisement and so on in the field of procurement, for instance, the working conditions of supply firms turn into a criterion for the choice of suppliers in the area of sales and distribution there are guidelines for fair consulting

  • Services and absolute no-go approaches For contract acquisitions to name only
  • Two examples what sounds relatively complicated at first, glance represents important facilitation on second.
  • Thought the implementation of CSR can draw on existing management systems through these four steps first a well-founded mission statement second the identification of relevant topics in exchange with the stakeholders third the orientation towards general standards and fourth the strategic implementation in all departments of the company.

Corporate social responsibility is there where it belongs it is implemented in an integrative way and related to the core business of the company.

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