The easiest ways to improve your essay writing skills

Many students struggle to write a well-written essay and it’s normal because it’s not a task for every student. If you didn’t pay attention in school while your teacher was giving you a lecture about essay writing then you will probably struggle.

But, nothing to worry about as essay writing can be improved easily if worked hard on. The first thing you need to do is learn the formats and basics of it like how many paragraphs and the basic guidelines of it.

Make sure you don’t mix up essay writing with research writing as they are very similar, the only different thing about them is that a research paper is lengthier than an essay. It contains 28 pages while an essay is only of 5 paragraphs.

Essay writing is all about good vocabulary. If your vocabulary is good, you have nothing to worry about because that’s probably the most important thing when it comes to essay writing.

The way you communicate the message to your audience is what companies are looking for. Many companies are hiring big essay writers to produce good content for them and you can be one of them making big money.

Essays are of two types, persuasive and informative. Make sure you check what type of essay it is before you start writing as they both have different writing tones.

When writing a persuasive essay, you want to sound more convincing and convince the reader to adopt your point of view whereas when writing an informative essay, you have to sound like you’re giving a full introduction about the topic you’re writing on and give the reader every information there is about your topic.

Here’s how you can improve your essay writing in the easiest ways possible;

Improve your vocabulary

Improve vocabulary can take time if you do it in different ways at once. The easiest way is to read books and novels written by someone with a big vocabulary.

You will come across many new words which you can use in your essay writing making it look professionally written. If you can’t express what you’re feeling through words, essay writing will be very hard for you. Vocabulary will also help you in other things such as article writing and other different styles of writing if you consider doing them.

Ask everything about essay writing from your teacher and other professional writers

When you’re given an essay to write in your class, instead of thinking “who will write my essay for me?” you should go up to your teacher and clear the confusions you have about essay writing.

Ask them everything about essay writing such as format and the basic guidelines given on the assignment paper.

Always follow the guidelines given on the assignment paper as they are given by your teacher and they expect you to follow them while writing the essay.

You can also talk to writers online in writing groups and ask them about this as they might have something new for you that your teacher didn’t tell you or forgot to tell you.

Do essay writing daily

Get a topic from somewhere online and start writing an essay. Do this every day till you think you’ve mastered essay writing.

Writing every day will help your brain think faster and you will have a variety of topics to write on when it comes to writing an essay in your school or college.

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