Months of lockdown, with a crippling fear of the COVID-19, has wrecked the mental health of the children. But, they are not ready to step out and go to school as the looming threat is very much alive. What could be the remedy on a situation like this? As a parent, how could you still ensure the growth of education of your children? Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can, however, provide them with a wholesome experience of learning without risking their physical well-being. Continue reading this article to find out more on the Dos and Don’ts of online education.

Online Study: There is no doubt that online study is the single most effective remedy in these trying times. Multiple applications such as Zoom, Google Classroom and more are providing the platform for students to connect with their educators online and continue their lessons. Certain educational websites provide Soda pdf blended learning that is suitable for the different age group of kids. Undoubtedly, you cannot deny the benefits of having a coach on the other side of the screen.

  • Students can clear their doubts if they have any.
  • The teacher is able to monitor the progress of the class.
  • Examination and grading papers through the online medium of learning.
  • Blended learning lets your kids reap the full benefits of their lesson and makes them curious for more.

Protection: You are compelled to let your children use gadgets, not meant for them. The laptops and the smart-phones have become their playthings now as they cannot go out of the house and communicate with other kids like they used to. They also learn and conduct classes on these gadgets. So, what should be the remedy to this problem?

  • Add child protection software on your devices so that they can only have access to these devices with permission. Change the passwords every other week to be safe.
  • Install applications that let you block certain websites that your kids are not supposed to visit. Pornography and other violent websites can have an immense adverse effect on the psyche of the young minds, so as a parent, make sure you protect them from any psychological harm.
  • Limit the screen time in general to improve their cognitive powers. Encourage the kids to play games (games butterfly) with siblings or out in the backyard so that they are not glued to their smart-phones. Create family fun hour games where everyone shuts down their phones and enjoy family time.
  • Do not let young kids have an account on social media as nothing is more addictive than the power of like buttons playing tricks on human brains. Keep the children away from the clutches of Facebook and Instagram for as many years as possible.

Track Progress: As a parent, it is not enough to ensure that the kids have the means to online education; you must also track the progress that they are making during the months of online study.

  • Quiz them on the topics and review their performance.
  • Check their report cards.
  • Formulate a routine for them and create blocks of time for certain specific subjects.

The most viral thing is to provide time to your kids so that if they face any problem with their studies, you are there to help him out. You can also provide him with privet coaching sessions so that your kid stay ahead of the class.

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